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The goal of Thomas Railroad Consulting is to instill in your company the safest and most efficient way of switching rail cars.


Thomas Railroad Consulting wants to help you eliminate all rail related shortcuts, incidents and injuries. 


Zero Shortcuts
Zero Incidents
Zero Injuries

Helping Companies Identify Issues and Stay On Track

Logistics is the backbone of your business.

Rail transportation is a big part of business logistics. And in today’s rapidly changing environment, safety training is more challenging than ever.

To accomplish a smooth-running operation, you must constantly be educating, auditing, and striving for a ZERO incident goal.

But there’s a problem …

Most rail safety education classes and training tools out there are incredibly expensive, out-of-date, overwhelming, or just flat-out boring.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our services can bring your company up-to-speed and stay on track going forward.

What if there was a way to learn about rail safety that didn’t require travel and you could do it from the office or home?

What if your company had the resources for becoming a zero-incident workplace?

If you’re ready to increase your company’s Safety First culture with rail yard safety training, then it’s time to contact us. This is an opportunity to add a vital safety component to your already safe working environment. 

Virtual executive training class

Training Leadership on Rail Safety

Planning to prevent incidents

Thomas Railroad Consulting works with executive-level clients to help them identify the best safety practices. We help our clients implement safety practices from the railroad to your company’s rail operation.

The Virtual Executive Class is designed to educate a company’s leadership, from top to bottom, to ensure it is using rail safety best practices to prevent incidents. The best operations plan in the world will not succeed if the backbone of your logistics that it is built upon is not as safe and operational as it can be.

Experience the best rail safety in a rich online learning environment

Reducing company liability

As the world adapts to COVID-19, the usual ways of doing classes must evolve.  Our virtual class is built to deliver a world-class experience that’s as informative and rewarding as an in person class.

Identify and assess potential risks, safety hazards and liability exposures throughout your company’s rail logistics.

Safety Audit

Don’t accept this shortcut, getting off moving equipment, as standard operating procedure, it’s not. It could lead to an injury. All railroads have stopped allowing this unsafe practice years ago.  

Learn more in our virtual executive class.

Leading causes of rail incidents

1 %
Walking the yard

Stepping on the rail is a common mistake

1 %
Riding equipment

Close clearance areas can be very dangerous

1 %
Dismount equipment

Getting off moving equipment is a unsafe shortcut

"How can Thomas Railroad Consulting assist us with our rail switching operation?"

We can provide your company with rail yard safety training that would include the following: A virtual executive class, a virtual safety audit, a review of your SOP for rail operations, a generic railroad SOP, a Safety Audit Form, How-To lists that cover the operation of hand brakes, switches, derails and air brake theory and yard test, video library, expert hot line, newsletter with links to some of the most important railroad information out there.



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We’d love to chat with you about your safety goals and any concerns that you might have regarding your rail operation. We can advise you on any training needs that would be helpful in keeping your company on track to be incident free year after year. 

Contact us and let’s see what we can do together to bring your rail operation up to the highest standards of Safety and Efficiency. 

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Our experience in the railroad industry include; accident investigation, safety and operating rules training and enforcement, safety audits, efficiency rules check teams, training and ensuring compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration regulations, as they apply to engineers and brakemen operating locomotives and trains.




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