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The goal of Thomas Railroad Consulting is to instill in your company the safest and most efficient way of switching rail cars.


Thomas Railroad Consulting wants to help you eliminate all rail related shortcuts, incidents and injuries. 


Zero Shortcuts
Zero Incidents
Zero Injuries

Rail Safety isn't Easy

I was an engineer and a Road Foreman of Engines in the snow and ice-covered mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. When trains run in the cold weather, snow and ice can build up between the brake shoes and the wheels. This is a very dangerous situation. One of the ways to deal with this problem is to lightly apply the train air brakes while moving, keeping the brake shoes clean.

Working in the mountains forces you to comply with all safety rules and regulations. There is no room for shortcuts. Heavy coal cars weighing about 140 tons each on a 2% grade need a lot of hand brakes applied to hold cars in place. If you took a shortcut and did not apply the hand brakes required, the cars could roll away resulting in a derailment.

This rule compliant railroad culture that I come from demonstrates why I have such a commitment to safety. I retired from the railroad after 30 years of injury-free service. I want to share this commitment to railroad safety with your company.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
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Don Thomas

Over 45 years of railroad experience as a Locomotive Engineer, Road Foreman of Engines, Training Officer, and Consultant / Instructor. Other experiences in the railroad industry include; accident investigation, safety, and operating rules training and enforcement. safety audits, efficiency rules check teams, and instruction of safe train handling techniques. Also, enforcing the Federal Railroad Administration regulations as they apply to engineers and brakemen operating locomotives and trains.  

After I retired from Norfolk Southern Railroad in 2001, I founded Thomas Railroad Consulting, after 30 years of injury-free service as a Locomotive Engineer, Road Foreman of Engines, and Training Officer. Since my retirement, I have been a Railroad Consultant / Instructor and have trained hundreds of new hires to become Conductors and Engineers. I instructed them in safety, operations, and FRA equipment inspection rules and regulations that included mechanical and air brake rules on locomotives and freight cars. As a Road Foreman of Engines, I specialized in teaching safe train handling techniques.

Having taught numerous railroad classes across the U.S. and Canada. I have developed a curriculum and was an instructor for Norfolk Southern Training Center (McDonough, GA), CSX REDI Training Center (Atlanta, GA), Union Pacific Training Center (Salt Lake City, UT), and Bombardier Engineer Training Center (Toronto, Canada). And I have taught train handling techniques using the latest state of the art simulators – Union Pacific and CSXT.

Having trained hundreds of students in the classroom and out in the field in safe and efficient railroad operating practices. Many of my students have been employed by large industrial companies that use railroad equipment daily.

Don Thomas

Scott Thomas

Chief Technical Officer

A repeat guest on CNN live technology segments discussing various topics.  Lead presenter for cross-departmental executive presentations for technology products launching.  Toured the US as the lead technical product specialist; going to several conventions to present new technology products.

Was a Game Designer for Midway on several AAA titles to architect systems and logic for several video games.  Enriched animations with scripting languages to influence gameplay with speed, physics, and effects.  Authored creative and technical documents used as the basis of the product.

The main point of contact at Scott Systems for inbound sales and lead presenter.  Provided live product demonstrations and technical webinars to educate clients.

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Our experience in the railroad industry includes; accident investigation, safety and operating rules training and enforcement, safety audits, efficiency rules check teams, training and ensuring compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration regulations, as they apply to engineers and brakemen operating locomotives and trains.


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