For Sale

Turnkey Railroad Consulting Business

Rail Yard Safety Training. The URL ( and Web site are also for sale. $50,000

Approximately 62 billable hours, (Travel – 16, Classroom and field – 3 days/ 10 hours/day – 30, Safety Audit and written report – 8, review SOP and written recommendations – 8.)  This is a total of 62 hours times $300/hr. = $18,600/class.

Business Valuation – Developing one class every month for 10 months would generate $186,000/ year. I retired a few years ago and this was just a part-time venture. But, I think at least one class per month is a reasonable expectation. 

I will make available over 150 PowerPoint slides and various Forms and Handouts. And provide my client list of industries that use railroad equipment.

Also, I will provide railroad consulting services to you, via phone and email, free for two months, to help you get started.  

Contact: Don Thomas 760.822.6250


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